About Aviav TM Cofrance SARL

Поиск и аренда частных самолетов

Cofrance SARL (AVIAV TM) was established in the South of France in the scenic Mediterranean city of Nice.  Cofrance SARL has since become a leading player in the aviation charter brokerage market for Russian speaking clients chartering aircrafts and helicopters in Monaco, France and Mediterranean area.  Our principal corporate mission is to provide world-class sale and purchase (S&P) support for private jets and helicopters.  This dedicated support is tailored to each client’s needs and specific requirements.  Cofrance SARL also provides support and provisioning for aircrafts, helicopters.  We have direct experience in space and aviation insurance and insurance claims.  We have capably handled and successfully settled large aviation and airport claims.  We also provide expert advice on health and safety issues in the aviation field.

80 - About Aviav TM Cofrance SARL

Dr. Vitaly Arkhangelskiy, whose background encompasses port management, shipping and marine & aviation insurance, has over 20 years of experience in Russia and in Europe.  Our office is located in the historical center of Nice, just behind the famous Negresco Hotel.

Our in-house insurance and financial brokerage is regulated by the French Organisme pour le Registre des Intermédiaires en Assurance[1] (ORIAS).  The ORIAS registration number is 14005763.

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Our aviation charter business, concerning the S&P of aircraft and helicopters, is ISO 9000 certified.  In our daily operations, we use best practices, coupled with a rigorous application of total quality management (TQM).  Our major sale and purchase transactions are done through major London-based or Paris-based legal companies, using their clients’ accounts.

Our considerable experience in comprehensive aviation charter service ensures that we can provide a complete, turnkey service.  We have access to the best in the industry worldwide, thus giving our customers client-specific advice and support, whatever their requirements. Cofrance SARL is a member of major international aviation associations (including EBAA, NBAA, EBAA France). We are key players in yearly industry exhibitions.

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Cofrance SARL is an ARGUS Registered Aviation Charter Broker (the only one in France and Monaco).

Our professional liability is insured based on best industry practices, standards and requirements. Our daily business practices are based on standard EBAA, NBAA and  BACA contracts. Client funds are kept in dedicated client accounts with the CIC Bank in France and are managed by Chartered Accountant Company CERES in France.

Cofrance SARL complies with major international industry requirements. In addition to our comprehensive aviation service, we also provide yacht and private boat charter broker services (www.scanmarine.ru).

Cofrance collaborates with aviation companies in Russia and CIS as business producers. Long lasting partnership relations with them is one of our major assets. Our heritage is our knowledge and experience on how to do business with Russian speaking clients in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, etc.  This corporate know-how is based on our European values, anti-money laundering control and modern KYC procedures which includes sanction list control.

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In conclusion, Cofrance SARL (AVIAV TM) is your reliable English and Russian speaking partner in the sunny, friendly French Riviera and Monaco region.  We are also well represented and active in social media (see websites below).





President and CEO of Cofrance SARL (AVIAV TM)

  Dr. Vitaly D. Arkhangelsky

[1]           Organization for the Listing of Insurance Intermediaries.