Charter a BA146-100/Avro RJ70 – Аренда

Поиск и аренда частных самолетов

Overview Summary

The BAe 146 (Avro RJ) is a medium-sized commercial aircraft manufactured by BAE SYSTEMS. It carries its four jet engines on a high wing above the fuselage (not below, or at mid-fuselage, as on most conventional civilian aircraft). The aircraft has STOL capabilities and very quiet operation, so is widely used at small city-based airports. Its primary role is as a regional jet, short-haul airliner or feederliner.


– Only commercial jet with 4 turbofan jet engines
– The RJ70 seats up to 82 passengers.
– Less expensive than traditional jets
– Toilet facility

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Комфорт и размер

It seats a maximum of 82 passengers comfortably. An In-flight entertainment can be incorporated in the seats or screens mounted on partitions below the overhead stowages. This aircraft allows an almost infinite variety of cabin interiors to suit customers’ needs.


British Aerospace
Число мест
Hourly rates
£8 000 $10 712 €9 098
Вместимость багажного отсека
479 cu.ft.
BA146-100/Avro RJ70
412 kts
Высота салона
3.26 m
Purchase price
$33 950 000
Regional Airliner
1660 nm
Ширина салона
2.07 m