Charter a Gulfstream G1 – Аренда

Поиск и аренда частных самолетов

The twin-turboprop corporate transport

Overview Summary

The Grumman G1, designated the G-159 was officially ‘the original gulfstream’. Powered by 2 Rolls Royce Dart turboprop engines, the Gulfstream 1 was one of the first corporate aircraft to make its mark on the aviation industry. First taking to the skies in August 1958, 201 aircraft were manufactured before Gulfstream went on to produce their first jet powered aircraft, the G2.


  • Separate galley and washroom
  • Spacious luggage capacity
  • Flexible seating capacity up to 38
  • Hot and cold drinks facilities
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Комфорт и размер

In corporate configurations, the Gulfstream G1 can seat between 10 and 14 passengers in classic club premium leather seats. For regional operations up to 38 seats can be fitted, providing a wide range of options for customers looking to charter a twin-turboprop corporate transport.


Число мест
Hourly rates
£2 500 $3 366 €2 867
Вместимость багажного отсека
150 cu.ft.
Gulfstream G1
300 kts
Высота салона
2.19 m
Purchase price
Regional Airliner
1500 nm
Ширина салона
1.92 m