Charter a Challenger 600 Jet – Аренда

Поиск и аренда частных самолетов

Overview Summary

Designed by Bombardier the Challenger 600 family offers a spacious cabin combined with versatile flight capabilities. The Challenger 600 can fly non-stop across the USA and offers fast cruising speeds.

The Challenger 600 family of corporate jets includes the Challenger 600 (CL-600 jet), Challenger 601 (CL-601), Challenger 604 (CL-604) and Challenger 605 (CL-605).


  • Spacious and flexible cabin
  • Built-in washroom
  • Long flight range
  • 12 seat configuration

Комфорт и размер

The Challenger’s 6′ 1″ cabin height offers a walk-about cabin (one of the first in the long-range class), and seats up to 12 passengers.