Charter a Global 6000 – Аренда

The new Global 6000 is Bombardier’s flagship aircraft, featuring the latest technological enhancements to improve efficiency

Overview Summary

The Global 6000 implements the latest technological enhancements by Rockwell Collins to provide an improved version of the original Global Express design, providing enhanced cruise performance, updated cabin layout and lighting , plus a completely newly designed flight deck. With a range of over 6000NM, the Global 6000 is the perfect choice for business travellers worldwide to connect continents.

With a maximum duration of 12.6 hours, the Global 6000 has sufficient range to connect Moscow to Los Angeles, London to Singapore and Mumbai to Sydney, without the requirement to refuel. The aircraft features a unique system which enables the aircraft to be refuelled in less than 15 minutes, a unique feature for an aircraft of its class.


  • Large luggage capacity
  • Flexible seating configurations
  • Bespoke interior designs
  • Improved flight range

Комфорт и размер

The Global 6000’s interior cabin can be as adaptive to your requirements as the globe’s finest hotels, offering ultimate privacy, luxury and comfort. With over double the number of windows to its nearest competition, the Global 6000 provides the brightest travel environment in the ultra long-range category.


Число мест
Hourly rates
£5 650 $7 608 €6 478
Вместимость багажного отсека
195 cu.ft.
Bombardier Global 6000
511 kts
Высота салона
1.91 m
Purchase price
$45 000 000
Long Range Jet
6055 nm
Ширина салона
2.49 m